About Us

Bolsterflip Media is a leading global advertising and strategic partner that drives 2000+ Global Customers

We believe that a smooth blend of effective strategy crafting, brand messaging, upscaled advertising, entertainment and technology are the foundation to every great brand across all the industries.

We are the voice for brands where you need it most. We help brands reach their audience in every channel and across all devices, with deeply personalized campaigns. Crafting individualized strategies that bridge the gap between a brand and the community to ensure high and quality engagements, interactions, conversations and brand value inception.

Bolsterflip Media partners with industry specialists and create winning design strategies for both businesses and consumers alike across various industry verticals.

Our Brands

Our Brands

Through our robust presence in the creator economy (a term that came into existence much after we were years into this business), we've expanded our portfolio into a number of stand-alone businesses in the space of merchandising, podcasts, sports innovation, AI & Robotics, publishing platforms like Blush, Being Indian, Instant Bollywood, etc and even a multi-million dollar project backed by Nasa called Space Hero which is going to be the biggest web casting reality show in the world, the winner(s) of which get to fly to the International Space Station.